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  1. Hola, Maria. Mi padre era mallorquin y de alli procede mi familia paterna. Tengo entendido que el apellido en Cataluña es Torrents, en Valencia Torrent y en Mallorca Torrens (del que me siento muy orgullosa). No solo en Inglaterra existe. En Australia el 2º Gobernador se llamo Torrens y existe la ley Torrens que sigue aplicandose. Hay tambien un rio, un lago y una ciudad. Te deseo suerte y que consigas tus ilusiones. Yo soy quimico y ahora estudio ciencias de la salud. Desde España un saludo de una a otra Torrens

  2. “Why not let Phil answer the questions posed to him?”ROTFL!!!! Yeah, Phil should be sweeping in here, with respectful, detailed and footnoted responses in about 5,,,4,,,,3,,,,You are higher than a kite on ziocaine, WItty. Ohh, did I say “kite”?

  3. Hi JasonI enjoyed this article and agree with it! As someone who is planning a conference for the first time, some great thoughts. I recommend reading Gawande’s book, Complications, in which he writes an amazing chapter about the conference experience and its impact on the attendees. He emphasizes a lot of these same points, and I reference it often for inspiration in conference design.Thanks for the post!~jeannette

  4. I am afraid I am with Vanessa on the grapefruit note, but in the recent hot weather I am discovering a completely new appreciation of lush white florals (you have no idea how confusing I am finding this, my mouse keeps hovering over the ‘BUY’ button on a bottle of SL Fleurs d’Oranger!?!), I shall definitely stop and give Lys Soleia a sniff.The last perfume I bought before falling down the rabbit hole was AA Flora Nymphae, and while it doesn’t make my heart sing, on a warm summer’s morning it has a simple, innocent happiness about it that I am still very fond of.

  5. PEOPLE DIE IN WARS !!!!!!!America is at WAR !!!!!Do you cowards actually believe the terrorists will disband if America were to surrender ???They would just make you DEAD !!!!!STOP SUPPORTING TERRORISTS and join America in assuring their defeat . Cowardly punks make me sick .

  6. ça marche sur dalle TN je présume, mais comme en bougeant un poil, le contraste et les couleurs changent, ne vaut il mieux pas tout d’abord investir dans un écran IPS ?pour commencer ? à moins qu’on suppose dès le départ qu’un photographe retoucheur est  » forcément »Ã©quipé en IPS ( ou PVA, MVA. enfin pas TN quoi ) ? PS : question à deux balles : m’enfin si on est photographe gamer, on prend quoi ?ça existe des dalle IPS avec une réactivité potable , pour pas trop cher ?

  7. With me, the only prior experience I had with people looking for money was at college in the city nearby. But they were very obvious looking in there appearance. Not the GQ looking older gentlemen that I encountered.And to think, I thought I saw everything by now…

  8. Bonjour,Je tente ma chance !J’aime beaucoup la fleur d’oranger, alors je participe pour le lot N°2 !J’aime la page Facebook de Cheapbutchic (Liv Maury)Mes partages :FB : TW : Je croise fort les doigts,Merci pour ce joli concours parfumé,Bonne journée !

  9. Well, there are always car accidents and drowning, if you want to get up to 13. Scary, yet fascinating creatures. That octopus is beautiful!My sister-in-law doesn’t want to visit our house in Texas because she saw a documentary on brown recluse spiders. And yet she went hiking in Turkey over spring break. *sigh* This list would definitely put her off ever visiting Australia!

  10. Meu Deus…nunca consigo seer uma das primeiras a comentar….começo entrar desde cedo qdo tem um post novo já tem sempre mais de 100 comentátios…eita moça requisitada, mais vc é ótima mesmo, e tudo qeu vc usa é sensacional, bjos []

  11. #64 Barbara – I agree about the isolation. I’ve noticed that a few of my neighbors have casually asked how I’m doing and when I say fine and then return the question, all of their concerns come pouring out of them. So I listen and try to offer support and understanding. People need to vent and they can’t do it at home because that would just increase the stress level. We all need to watch out for one another these days.

  12. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words GinaV, I really appreciate it. Welcome to WordPress, I look forward to your future posts! I have the book saved in my to read list Thank you again for sharing the book in your post. ~~ I wish you many blessings to come ~~

  13. I have been trying to meditate on and off for a few years and when I actually make my self do it on a regular basis, my whole life is better. My problem is that I get distracted all too easily. Do you have any recomendations for changing that pattern or could I just be one of those people who aren’t cut out for meditation?Joshua

  14. A word DRAMA. . . People struggle in the drama too. . . There is nothing wrong with that. . . . The issue for today's children with their parents must be that they are no parents around. . . . . Listen up parents stay home with their children and talk to them. . . . They teach them wrong from right. . . Remember that you are their biggest influence. . . Do'nt them away. . .

  15. Perhaps it would be better to set more modest goals- “reforming society” and “convincing people” is unrealistic.Why “unrealistic”? Do you mean “unreachable in a lifetime”? Voicing ideas, as opposed to explaining how to implement them, is the farthest reaching, most effective method of control.

  16. writer, thanks and I am feeling better :)Yes, there are local magazines that accept contributions from freelance writers. Summit Media, ABS-CBN publishing, MomsToday magazine accepts freelancers. You can try sending your portfolio to the editor-in-chief.

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  18. Medea:El hecho de que el 25 de agosto se cumplan 20 años de esta tragedia y el libro de Héctor hijo contribuyen poderosamente a que sigamos recordando a estos seres que tanto aportaron a hacer de Colombia un país más responsable, cálido y humano.Que disfrutes la lectura de “El olvido que seremos”

  19. Très bon commentaire Geneviève. Effectivement, l’implication locale est incontournable au succès de tout média qui désire faire sa place en région. Car au-delà des nouvelles nationales et internationales, les gens ont besoins de savoir ce qui se passe chez eux. Et c’est l’un des rôles des médias régionaux.

  20. It would be great if the conference hashtag could be provided prior to the event via email, or at least posted on a sign as people enter the room. And, if the conference is streamed live, it could be posted on the page where you login. Great info! thanks!

  21. IGoogle now has four columns,even though I chose three columns. the fourth seems to be for gadgets.How can I get rid of this fourth column?Can Google water board the tech that programed this unwanted and very frustrating addition?

  22. Die Ziele schauen ja sowas von genial echt aus… ich war begeistert. Am Ende des Films, bei dem das eine Erdhörnchen so formschön getroffen wird, habe ich mir echt gedacht: “Nein! Die haben doch nicht??? Puh… sie haben nicht…”Ganz toll geworden, auf unserem Parcour habe ich schon eine Stelle, wo sie hinkommen, wenn die Franzbogenkrähen kaputt sind… 😉

  23. Memories for me too when I was a graphic design student back in the late 80s and early 90s. The machine used for heating the foils onto the design was called an omnicrom. Blast from the past!

  24. Whether or not the Zionists are doing bad things against us as when the tried to sink the USS Liberty, WHY would they want the FBI to be doing this (besides just seeing how much Big Brother we'll accept like lemmings)?

  25. I get your own float upon where you have been likely right now there. My spouse and i generally bring to mind the prior and use it as a technique to investigate wherever My business is and also in which I must arrive at. Wherever My spouse and i struggel is definitely evening out all of it out. Tips on how to males balance items out?

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  27. Hi Rachel, was wondering if your free one morning this week. Maybe get your hubby to tie your up on the bed face down, and leave the door unlocked so that I can cum round and fill up your very sexy holes full of my hot sticky spunk

  28. Eileen is always invited by the pastor or a priest in the parish with the pastor’s permission. Once she receives an invitation, she writes to the bishop for his permission to enter the diocese. If you would like Eileen to visit, speak to your pastor.

  29. I agree, Ching is not the answer, but look what happened when Altidore got in the game. Lazy! Not one of the forwards even tried to beat a guy all game. They need that guy Rossi back who is playing for Italy via New Jersey, what is that all about? I thought the midfield and defense was ok.

  30. I hope you took time to talk to that teacher. That teacher wounds your son in a way that Satan really wanted to, a cursing of his identity, writing the message on his forehead, "No matter how hard you try you are still a failure." And that just makes my blood boil. Cause that is the very kind of wound that never gets healed… it is an emotional wound and … yes, go and tell that teacher what you think!92 is very very good… I hope she sees the point, or what is she a teacher for?LoveLidia

  31. Hey Cathy, I thought I would stop by. My mom talked to me at great length about Cole Porter and made sure I knew who he was. It’s too bad she isn’t around anymore because I bet you could have gotten a lot of information out of her. Great post, by the way.

  32. The world is most definitely a better place with you in it, Texan or not. Aside from smiling, I thinking talking people off ledges is one of your many fortes. So your smiles are just the beginning. Personally, I’m a fan of the New Yorker side if you’re taking votes. It’s that ballsiness that breaks down the doors so that you can talk people off ledges.

  33. The commentors here seem to have missed my point. I do not know, and indeed have no way of knowing, whether the substance of the Federal Panel’s advice is correct. It may very well be.The point is that the Federal government is already at what Mead identified as step 3: “Begin micromanagement and cost controls.”I am sure they will do a wonderful job of it, and that their efforts will meet with thibaud’s and dearieme’s approval. Although, I do note that the position on mammograms had drawn quite a bit of negative commentary. Again, my point is the exercise of authority by the Federal government, not the medical wisdom expressed.

  34. I vote for something like, “You know the show Alias? Well, that’s based on my life. I sprained my ankle after I kicked a ninja-star wielding terrorist in the face and saved the world from bad kick-boxing movies.”

  35. s'a orientat catre liberali abia dupa ce base i'a taiat macaroana de la primarie, nu stiu din ce motive pen' ca el, in general, a sprijinit mediu' asta artistic.in '96 a catindat pentru pedei, pe loc neeligibil (impreuna cu neculaiconstantin munteanu) !despre infiltrarile din sotzietatea romaneasca n'o sa aflam pe parcursu' existentzii noastre (poate apuci tu daca esti mai tinerel !), daca n'au putut fi cunoscutzi nici macar aia de la evropa libera

  36. Mi piacerebbe che lei usasse lo stesso metro per giudicare gli scritti di altri personaggi piu’ autorevoli, oppure in alternativa non dicesse che e’ eretico chi osa dire una sola parola al riguardo, visto che spetta solo alla gerarchia competente giudicare. Scelga pero’ una delle due opzioni, perche’ la differenza stride.

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  38. disse:Que história é essa que esse acordo da Boeing com a Embraer é “sigiloso” e que a Embraer “desconhece” qualquer acordo??Quanto ao SH, eu sempre disse e repeti que seria escolhido. Independentemente da má-fé dessa Fonte, o SH é a ÚNICA das 3 opções que pode ser entregue amanhã, caso seja interesse da Boeing e dos EUA.

  39. The difference is that calories, peanuts, wheat have known health ramifications. There’s no plausible evidence (or even theory) supporting the idea that biotech crops have any health ramifications. It’s purely an ideological thing. Government should not be in the business of promoting personal ideologies.

  40. J…You do want to kill me – I am barely surviving with them in the attic – can you imagine if I send them off to the plains to you…Kill me now Please….No heart attack yet – but close…ThanksE.H>

  41. Awe, thanks for the link!I know, $120 is a lot for dinner. My boyfriend and I spent about that much when we went out for our belated Valentine’s dinner at this steakhouse downtown.I’m sure your wife really appreciated it though (she did, didn’t she?) because you splurged on a night out with just the two of you and it was at a romantic villa!I wouldn’t call this lifestyle inflation, unless you started doing it every week or every month! =)

  42. If you guys are unsure as to whether or not MM knows that Slice is a creature of pure hype or not watch the video in the link at Slice v. Gannon from the post.Slice does not win that fight. Not at all.

  43. , "Uhh, dude, this might not be such a bright idea."On the other hand, don't kid yourself: The Kennedy clan [starting with Ol' Joe himself] was indulging in a perversity of sexual deviancy the likes of which would have shocked and horrified the American public which went to the polls in November of 1960 [had that American public been alerted to what was really transpiring behind the scenes].

  44. Tks so much for ur response. Have always been a believer in the “don’t fix it” philosophy, but, the other option, “things cud be even better”, has aroused my curiosity!! Read ur review on Secretagogue Gold….will give it a shot, and see where we go. Will give u an update later.Again, tks for the help…keep up the great work. Gino

  45. SÃ¥ enig, eg har den filosofien eg og! Hadde eg latt perfeksjonisten i meg spira sÃ¥ kunne eg gitt opp alle kreative prosjekter me ein gang! Kommoden blei jo kjempefin og praktisk! Og sÃ¥ e det sÃ¥ deilig Ã¥ kunna kryssa av noe pÃ¥ "to do"- listÃ¥ 🙂

  46. HI JeanneD. Colorado is indeed beautiful. It’s one of my favorite places to visit. Lucky you!Next up for Harlequin is a novella in the “Holiday with a Vampire” antho from HQN – due out this November. My story is “Bright Star.” Immortals again, oh my!I have two more full books turned in to Nocturne, and am awaiting final edits. The series is THE PROTECTORS. One vamp (Immortal Obsession, tentative title), and one werewolf book (Ghost Wulf).Can’t wait for those to hit the shelves sometime next year maybe.Thanks for the question. Enjoy the marvelous Rockies!Linda

  47. I don’t have any problem explaining things. I know Tienanmen Square happened 15 years ago and by that time Mao’s economic forecast had already worked. And new leader just happened to understand that it is time to move on to the next phase. The Tienanmen Square was the CIA’s last attempt to bring China down before it is ready to compete on a global stage.

  48. Daniella disse:Olá Lina, tudo bem?Estou em Paris e muito feliz por estar aqui no verão.Vim a trabalho, não tive tempo de me preparar então, ao procurar algo para fazer em meu tempo livre, encotrei seu blog na internet.Segui seu roteiro do Marais, almocei no Le Loir dans la Thérièrre e… adorei! Terminei na Place de Voges num dia delicioso de sol…Obrigada e um abraço!Dani

  49. Hi Shelly,What an inspirational experience!!! I believe this task fosters students’ indepedence. I’ve done a similar task with my upper intermediate students to help them gain fluency.Each class one of the students was supposed to present a topic, which they were free to choose. The presentation lasted 5 minutes. After the students’ speech, I encouraged the rest of the class to provide feedback (good and bad points). To use those 5 minutes at the beginning of each class was highly beneficial.Thanks for the link Breaking News English website, which proves a good source of material.Regards,Marisa

  50. à°¸ుà°œాà°¤ à°—ాà°°ూ,à°ªుà°¸్తకం చదవడాà°¨ిà°•ి ఆసక్à°¤ి à°‰ంà°Ÿే à°šాలని à°¨ా à°…à°­ిà°ª్à°°ాà°¯ం. à°•ాà°•à°ªోà°¤ే à°šà°¦ిà°µిà°¨ తర్à°µాà°¤ తమకు ఏర్పడ్à°¡ à°…à°­ిà°ª్à°°ాà°¯ాలను సరైà°¨ à°°ీà°¤ిà°²ో (à°’à°•à°µేà°³ à°µిమర్శలైà°¤ే సహేà°¤ుà°•ంà°—ా à°‰ంà°¡ి సద్à°µిమర్శలుà°—ా) à°‰ంà°Ÿే à°…ందరిà°•ీ à°®ంà°šిà°¦ి.

  51. Darin Pearson / By the way Nick, if you deny the existence of God, which you appear to have done above, you are not an agnostic, you are an atheist. Agnostics do not categorically dismiss the existence of God, they express the inability to know one way or the other.

  52. A mi me motivo a cuponear el leer los post dejados en su pagina de facebook… ver tantas personas comentando sobre los ahorros en sus compras hizo que intentara hacerlo para ver si era cierto y efectivamente me encanto. Desde ese dia comenze a buscar cupones por todas partes y a contagiar a mi tia y prima 🙂

  53. spune:Pentru a înÅ£elege lucrurile, citiÅ£i studiul meu despre “numele creÅŸtine ÅŸi necreÅŸtine”. Åži bineînÅ£eles accept mesajul, căci cu “copilaÅŸi” ca tine sunt obiÅŸnuit să discut.Iar călugării de la Pociaev trebuie să mai pună mâna pe carte ÅŸi să înceteze să terorizeze lumea. Åži chiar dacă se consideră ei foarte duhovniceÅŸti, deÅŸi nici nu se compară cu athoniÅ£ii, o hotărâre a Patriarhiei este valabilă ÅŸi pentru ei, ÅŸi pentru tine îngâmfatule ÅŸi răzvrătitule (ne)fiu al Bisericii.

  54. Wow — I wasn’t aware that theft from recycle bins was becoming a problem. It does seem to be occurring in New York (the article you mentioned) and San Francisco (based on that I found).I haven’t heard of that here, and I have a strong hunch that East Tennessee isn’t a very good market for sellers of recyclables. If aluminum cans are a valuable commodity around here, why do I see so many of them littered along the roadside?

  55. Can I simply say what a comfort to discover somebody that actually knows what they are discussing online. You certainly understand how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More and more people must read this and understand this side of the story. I was surprised you are not more popular since you certainly have the gift.

  56. The first time I made it, he licked the plate. (Don’t tell anyone I told you that ). Made it today again, and he and my son cut their quality xbox time short. I know better than to bother them when they’re playing video games… the speedy get up, wash hands, and race to the table with smiles from ear to ear was all voluntary. =)

  57. Mia carissima amica Nadji, ti ringrazio della gentile visita, se lo desideri, c'è un premio per te e, inoltre, ti ho dedicato un link sul mio blog! Spero che sia di tuo gradimento! Un abbraccio, a presto

  58. Que se passe t-il chez toi, Magali, pour exprimer une telle hargne à l’endroit de Lastrega?J’espère que bientôt, tu viendras nous présenter ton livre. Nous verrons si tu as une belle plume, j’entends par là, celle pour écrire, pas celle que tu as sur la langue, qui me semble bien chargée par la bile

  59. If I've learned anything from reading your site regularly, Daniel, it is that in Islam women are disposable toilets, doormats and punching bags. I'd like to translate that phrase into a language leftists would understand, because they just don't get it.

  60. Le côté percé n’est pas le plus important, le principal est la distance qui sépare les trous, le diamètre et la profondeur du trou (la profondeur doit être d’environ 10 centimètres).En fait, le principe est de reproduire des galeries d’insectes xylophages, qui, en général, attaquent l’arbre à partir d’un endroit affaibli de l’écorce (de vieux arbres ou du bois mort)

  61. Can’t see the point. The boundary, whatever it ends up as, will be very similar to the Queensbridge ward boundary. How will the £10 per head be collected and administrated and at what cost to who? If there is to be £10 per head, it may as well be administrated by the council who have the apparatus for collection and administration and the councillors are accountable anyway.

  62. Apres lecture du derniers post j’ai envi de dir que c’est parreil dans toute les grande villes. On entend parler beaucoup de langue, il y a beaucoup de backpacker a la recherche d’emploi et les chinois prennent le controle (comme d’hab). Mais il ne faut pas desepérer et redoubler d’éffort. Distribuer le maximum de CV, faire des (bon) contacte, avoir un véhicule de préférence et avoir un bon niveau d’anglais….bon courage a tous ceux qui cherche un emploi et surtout good luck !

  63. The Penelope Pinafore, so pretty,A gorgeous design for a gorgeous girl,Would suit my Princess Isabella,Who loves to dance and twirl…In pretty dresses, a prima ballerina,Twirling around and around,Head wrapped in dreams and clouds,Feet barely touching the ground!

  64. Caro Sr, Marco Aurélio!Meu nome é Alessandro, sou psicanalista, filósofo e acadêmico de Direito. Estou preparando um trabalho acadêmico sobre politica externa do governo Lula para ser apresentado em um fórum científico, e gostaria de saber aonde posso conseguir um exemplar do seu livro.Alessandro

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