Security systems play a vital role in keeping your assets secure with peace of mind. RSI is here to help you accomplish this.

The possibilities that technology has to offer are endless these days. Have you ever wished you had a camera to view to take a look at your back yard to see what kind of mischief your dog is causing while you are at work? How about some mechanical equipment or gauges you would like to take a look at without making a site visit? Or a calving barn cam for the busy rancher during calving season. RSI can accomplish these camera applications for you. Do not let technology intimidate you, let technology work for you. With today's large mobile network, all this technology can be remotely accessed while you are on the go via a smartphone. Arm/Disarm your security system, view live video, view recorded video, unlock a door - all from a smartphone remotely.

Whatever your camera application may be, RSI can accomplish what you want to see, even in very dark environments.
Homes and businesses can be monitored for fire, carbon monoxide, flood, temperature, gas and intrusion/burglary. Whatever your specific needs are, RSI can provide.
These water cop valves work in conjunction with water detector probes placed throughout the home. If any of the probes go into "flood alarm state", the valves will automatically shut the water main(s) off and prevent excessive flooding.

Let technology simplify your life, not make it more complicated!

Hubbel V. Rockman, owner RSI